Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nights 346 and 347 - 18 nights to go!

Hi and welcome back!

Thursday night: 13 degrees
Friday morning: 24 degrees
Friday night: 26 degrees
Saturday morning: 26 degrees

Heading out to Hike
Around 9:00 this morning it started snowing.  It's been snowing steadily all day, and within the last two hours there's been some freezing rain mixed in with it.

When dad and I hiked, the snow and wind were cold enough that I wore a balaclava and ski goggles.

Checking the Ice at the Pond

So far we have about 7" of snow.  The tent looks OK, but one of the poles is sagging a bit under the weight of the snow.  Once I get the snow off of it, I think it will get its shape back.

While we were hiking, we stopped at the pond to check out the ice.  I used the ice axe to chop through it, and it was about 3/4" thick.  I was able to walk around the edge a bit, but there was a hole in the middle of the pond, so I didn't get too close to that.

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  1. These last few days have been really testing your mettle, haven't they?