Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nights 295 and 296

Hi and welcome back!

Greetings to the new reader from Algeria!

On Tuesday night it was the coldest night we've had in probably six months.  There was a hard frost on the tent and grass when I woke up.

Since it was cold, I actually had a bit of trouble sleeping.  I was on top of a ThermaRest and an L.L. Bean camp bag that was unzipped, and I was under the 20 degree North Face bag (also unzipped).  I got cold with that setup and tried to zip up the 20 degree bag, but my fingers were numb, and I couldn't get it zipped.  I just spent the rest of the night being cold.

Wednesday morning my dad wouldn't get up because it was cold (and he claimed to be sick), so mom hiked with me at about 5:30.  I guess now she isn't as soft as dad is.

Thanks for reading!


  1. LRC, get a fleece liner for your sleeping bag! They cost less than $20 at any good camping store or REI. It'll make your bag warmer and much more cozy!

  2. Thanks for commenting again Mark! I have a silkweight liner I bought a few months ago, but I haven't used it for awhile. It's supposed to add 20 degrees, but I think it only adds about five. Maybe I should get a fleece liner!

  3. LRC, I have one of those also. I use it on El Cap. It's nice and it does make my bag a little bit warmer but certainly not 20 degrees warmer!
    Get a fleece one, you'll love it!