Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nights 277 and 278

Hi and welcome back!
Marbled Orbweaver

Yesterday I hiked with my mom. We just went around the field. As we went around one turn I saw some movement in the woods ahead of us, and then a doe and a fawn jumped out and started running away. I noticed that they were a dull grey and not their usual golden brown which made think about the mule deer in Yosemite which are the same color. The mule deer were a bit bigger and more used to people. Once my dad and I even got to see two bucks rubbing their antlers on a tree to get the velvet off.

I also hiked with my mom today. Today, though, we went all of the way up. On our way up my mom got a really sticky spider web stuck in her hair. She told me to feel how sticky it was and I noticed there was a huge spider on her back. It had a red body and a big yellow abdomen. When we got back I looked it up and I think that the closest match to it was a marbled orbweaver.

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