Monday, October 14, 2013

Nights 283 and 284

Hi and welcome back!
Welcome to the new reader from Timor!

The answer to the other day's trivia question is a book. The book is titled The Fifty Classic Climbs of North America, which was written in 1979 by Allen Steck and Steve Roper. Ironically, the cam was also invented in 1979, and it revolutionized climbing.

It rained on Thursday night, and when I checked my tent I realized that it was leaking. Thankfully, earlier that day I had taken everything inside, because the forecast was calling for rain. I stuffed my shell in between the tent body and the fly, and that fixed the leak.

When it was time for bed I took my sleeping bag and my dad's SOL bivy out with me.  The bivvy is pretty much just a waterproof space blanket in a sleeping bag shape. Just in case another leak formed, I slept in the bivy and put the bag in the part of the tent that was least likely to leak. That way I was able to stay dry all night!

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