Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nights 285 and 286

EMC will practice gymnastics anywhere

Hi and welcome back!

On Sunday our church participated in a CROP walk at the Lehigh Canal, so our whole family was out hiking. We walked about half a mile in on the towpath and then turned off onto a single track trail. The trail was made about 20 years ago by my grandfather and my cousin when he was my age.

The Lehigh River
We walked on that trail for about a mile until we got back on the towpath. We then walked for another mile to an observation deck and turned around.

Yesterday we rode our bikes at the Lehigh Gorge. We rode about 5 miles out to a sign that says "Watch for Black Bears" and had a snack.

While everyone else was still eating I scrambled down to a tiny beach along the Lehigh River. I noticed that on top of sand there was a thin layer of coarse black dust that I think was coal.

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