Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snow's All Gone

Hi and welcome back!

Thanks to a few warm days, the snow is all melted, and the ice on the pond is all gone.  It's hard to believe the ice was still almost 5 inches thick just a few days ago.

Mount Washington in Winter
Now that I'm back in the house I have been training for and thinking about the Mt. Washington climb. We're going over President's day weekend so my dad and I will have 2 days to climb in case we have to turn around on the first day.

I'm hoping to go to the high point in Delaware next weekend, so Mt. Washington will be our second of the 50 highest points.

I forgot to say that the other day my mom and dad each gave me something for finishing my year in the tent.  I got a Black Diamond Venom ice axe from my dad and the My Side of the Mountain trilogy and movie from my mom, because a couple of people recommended it.

I also just got a pair Asolo mountaineering boots on ebay so now I'm almost ready for Mt. Washington!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Mt Washington in winter could be burly! Be safe and Good Luck!