Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Nice to be Inside!

Hi and welcome back!

Today the ambient high temperature here was 9 degrees and the low temperature was 0!  With the windchill, the temperature was about -25.  We had the day off from school because of the cold, so I hiked early in the day to check out the ice on the pond (it was 4+ inches thick).

Dad and I also hiked on the hill at about 5:30.  For both hikes I wore fleece long johns and trail pants on the bottom, liner socks and alpaca wool socks under my boots, and on top I wore a fleece, down jacket, and shell.  On my head I had a neck gaiter, a microfleece band over my ears, and then a hat.  I was fine with all of that clothing, and both hikes were actually a lot of fun.

The Huffington Post had another blog post about me yesterday!  You should definitely
check it out when you have a chance. 

Mark Hudon
The other day, Mark Hudon emailed my dad some pictures from when he slept out on December 31. Here they are!

Mark's Tent
Mark is actually a pretty famous climber, although I didn't know that when he started following my blog.  I think he actually has the record for the most climbs of El Capitan!  You can read about some of his climbs in Yosemite and other places on this website.

He lives near Mt. Hood, which is the highest point in Oregon, and he said he would climb Mt. Hood and King's Peak in Utah with me when I get out there!

Being Interviewed Today
This afternoon someone from the local TV station came out to interview me about my year in a tent.  I was pretty nervous, but it wasn't bad.

They talked to me and my dad inside for a few minutes, then he took some video of me out in the tent.  I think it will be on the news tonight.  I'll let you know!

That's about everything.  Wherever you are, I hope it's not too cold!

Thanks for reading!


  1. You are just AWESOME LRC! It's been so fun to follow your blog. Congratulations on meeting your goal and we look forward to following your new climbing adventures. Let us know when you're coming out to hike King's Peak!
    ~ Karen Reno

  2. It's so cool that you are getting some press from your year sleeping out.
    No, I don't have the most El Cap ascents, not by a long shot. My goal is to have more FUN than anyone else!