Sunday, January 19, 2014

Highpoint #1/50 - Delaware

Hi and welcome back!

Yesterday my dad and I climbed to the highest point in Delaware, which is called Ebright Azimuth.

High Point 1/50

Ebright Azimuth, Delaware - 447.85'
There is actually a little bit of controversy about which is the highest point in Delaware, because down the road from Ebright Azimuth is a small bump that is two feet higher.  They don't know if this ground was built up, or if it is actually the highest point.

Ebright Azimuth is marked with a bench and a sign next to the road, and the other place is about 100 yards away behind someone's house, but the geological marker for the Azimuth is about 50' down the road from the sign.

It was hard to tell which was the highest point, so just to be sure, we went to all three places.  

We have at least two other high point climbs coming up in the next two months--Mount Washington (New Hampshire) in mid-February and Mount Marcy (New York) in early March.

450' - hoping we don't get yelled at!

We've decided that we're going to get a bit of dirt/snow/rock from each high point.  I also plan to take a piece of my tent fly to each point, but I forgot to take it with me yesterday.

My boots are on the left

My mountaineering boots came this week, and my dad ordered a pair of the same boots from eBay for himself.  We will have to use them in New Hampshire and New York, so it made sense to buy them now rather than rent them.  Besides, you can find some great deals on eBay!

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  1. I think you can drive to the highest point in Kansas, Mt Sunshine. It's not much to write home about though!