Saturday, March 8, 2014

My First Twofer!

Hi and welcome back!

Last Thursday and Friday, dad and I climbed Mt. Davis (the highest point in Pennsylvania) and Backbone Mountain (the highest point in Maryland).

On the way to Mt. Davis, though, we bought a climbing rope!  We picked the Sterling Kosmos, which is a 10.2mm rope.  That means this summer we're going to start climbing outside.

Observation Tower

It took us about 1:15 roundtrip to climb Mt. Davis.  The trail was about a mile each way from the parking lot, but it wasn't steep at all.  The temperature was in the low teens when we started, and it was very windy.  Most of the way, the snow was about a foot deep, but in spots it was closer to two feet.

Once we got to the top, we found an observation tower that was about 50 feet tall.  It was already windy at the base of the tower, and at the top the wind was about 40 mph.  We climbed up to the observation deck, but it was too cold to stay for more than about three minutes.

Smallest Church in the Lower 48

On Friday we drove to Backbone Mountain.  Right before the trailhead, there is the smallest church in the lower 48 states.  The pews hold 12 people, and if all the standing room is taken up it can fit just 24!

Backbone Mountain was a little more than a mile to the summit, but it was a pretty steep switchback trail.  The way the trail was, most of the time the snow would be about 3" deep, then in other places it would be up to my thighs.

It took us exactly an hour to get to the summit.  At the top there was a mailbox that had a logbook to sign, a sign marking the summit, and a huge stone cairn that was about 5 feet tall.

The Summit of Backbone Mountain

We couldn't really see anything from the top of Mt. Davis because of the snow, but the view from the top of Backbone Mountain was incredible.  I think we could see 50 miles into Pennsylvania on one side, and the same distance into West Virginia on the other.

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