Monday, May 26, 2014

Hi and welcome back!

Fishing the Mud Run
Brook Trout in the Mauch Chunk Creek
Two weeks ago, my dad and I went fly fishing on the Mud Run Creek in the Pocono mountains. Neither of us caught anything, but I hookedan 11-inch brown that broke my line right before we got him in the net. He then swam away with a White Wulff fly stuck in his mouth. Thankfully, one of our friends said that the fly would rust out of his mouth eventually.

Today my dad and I went fly fishing once again, but this time in the Mauch Chunk Creek. This time I caught an 8-inch brook trout, which we were able to get in the net.  Dad texted a picture to my teacher Mr. Rabenold, who we saw at the Memorial Day parade this morning, and he said that with a few more I would have a tin of sardines...

Thanks for reading!


  1. Cool, Lyle. I've never fly fished but fighting those little guys sure looks fun.