Sunday, April 13, 2014

Great Hikes!

Hi and welcome back!

The answer to last week's trivia question is Dick Bass.  He was the first person to climb the seven summits.

Yesterday (Saturday) my dad and I hiked to the Mahoning Creek. The creek is in the opposite direction of the pond, and my dad used to fly fish there. Lately, I've been getting into fly fishing, so we decided to go and check it out. While we were there Maisy decided to go swimming. She swam about 1/3 of the way across the creek and then decided to turn around and come back.  I could tell she had a lot fun.

Panoramic Shot of the Creek

Today I had a soccer tournament, and afterward dad and I hiked a spot where he climbed about 15 years ago.  The hike in was...interesting.  We had to do a bit of trespassing, we bushwhacked through some really thick thorns (my legs still hurt), and then we found it.

Wishing I had my Rope!

The wall was about 40 feet high, and the few minutes of bouldering that I did made it seem like the climbs ranged from 5.6 to about 5.10.  The rock was very strange.  It was broken up into squares and sections on the wall, but it wasn't loose.  You could definitely climb safely on it.  I know this, because we found almost brand-new bolts on at least a half dozen routes.  This means that in a few years when I start lead climbing, I can go out there and sport climb.

Taken by Mom

My dad is a business writer, and he has an office in an outbuilding out in a corner of our yard.  A  few days ago, I came home from school, and I was climbing on the tree right next to it.  Then I decided to go up on his roof.  Mom took a picture of me, and I thought it turned out well!

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